Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hantu Bonceng

Released date: 31 August 2011
Language: Malay
Running time: 90minutes
Produced: Excellent Pictures Sdn Bhd
Director: Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzi
Cast: Zizan Razak, Juliana Evans, Taiyuddin Bakar and Jue Aziz ,Eizlan Yusoff, Dottie and Cat Farish.

The film starts with Amran (Zizan Razak) won an illegal race and gets Maya (Juliana Evans) as his reward; however they were involved in an accident which kills Maya. Thus, the incident leaves Maya’s soul to be restless and haunts Amran every night as she needs a proper burial because of her body has not been claimed. Amran seeks the help of his best friend Kunyit (Taiyuddin Bakar) to help him to solve his problem.  They search for the help of a healer (Eizlan Yusoff) and a religious scholar (Cat Farish) to find a solution for the ghost to stop haunting Amran. Apparently, Maya has a twin sister name Ayu and this is where it all starts to get complicated.
This film is a straight forward movie which I would say relax and stress free film. It is purely for entertainment basis and to make people laugh. Besides that, this film does include a few moral values in the society as well as the issues that are revolving in the society.  For instance, issues about the illegal racing among the teenagers nowadays which we have not found the solution so far. The movie tries to send the message by showing the danger of illegal racing. Moreover, it also shows how people still believe in superstition when Amrans’ seek the help of a healer rather than a religious scholar which is more appropriate accordance to Islamic law to find a solution about the ghost. The film also teaches us the importance of friendship as well as love. This can be seen in Kunyit and Halimaton (Jue Aziz) character where they will try their best to save Amran.
As the film brings out their comedy very well, they are lacking in terms of horror element which leaves the ghost appearance as the scariest part in the film. At some point it becomes unreal when the ghost appears in a t-shirt during the scene at the mortuary. Besides that, it is quiet a hard for a comedian like Cat Farish to be taken seriously as he plays the role of a religious scholar in the movie which is different from his previous works. This film has a weak and unclear ending though it is not obvious as the film shows adequate amount of positive values as well as the comedy element in it. Thus, “Hantu Bonceng” is a must watch movie for comedy fans, indirectly supporting our local industry.

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